I’ve been called rebellious all my life. Like its a bad thing.

It's a trigger word for me, along with "bossy", "greedy" and "stubborn". All words that have been thrown at me my whole life and that I have worked hard to reclaim over the years.

Lately, I’ve been rolling these words around in my mouth, sucking out the juice and spitting out the pips. 

Bossy. Yes indeed thank you very much I am bossy as fuck. I am the boss. I am boss. I am assertive. I am powerful. You're not the boss of me. I am sovereign. 

Greedy. Why thank you. It's true. I eat life like there's a shortage. I always want more. I want it to be better. I'll make it better. I'm hungry for change. It's mine, I'll take it. I am sovereign.

Stubborn. Oh yes, that's me. Isn't it great? Determined. Focused. Discerning. Uncompromising at times. True to my desires. I am sovereign.

And then there's rebellious. Yep, I'm a rebel to the bone. Since the day I was born. Non-conformist. Runaway. Queen of the big fuck you. Call me a rebel but I'm just doing my thing. I am free to do that. I am sovereign.

I am Sovereign.

Deborah Nicholson