We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experiences as our truth, as human truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains.
— Ursula le Guin

I'm an emerging writer, but the truth is I have always written. And when not writing for study, work or for the simple joy of it, I am thinking about words. I look at the world in pictures and then want to write those pictures into glorious sentences. But I don't do that as often as I mean to. I rarely give myself the gift of just writing. So I want to make space for you. To write, and to talk about writing. Because whilst I am just coming out as a writer, I am very experienced at creating and holding space for women. And it makes my heart soar just to think about creating that space for you. For us.

Where in the world?

Starting June 2019, I will be hosting seasonal 3-day writing retreats in France for women who are writing, want to write, think they can't write, and those who know they must write or they will simply wither away. 

The retreats will take place in a six-bedroom chateau near my home in a small village in the French Pyrenees. There is a pool, a garden, terraces and lovely views over the village, mountains and our local Cathar castle. There are four ensuite double bedrooms and two ensuite twin rooms. There is also a separate ground floor bathroom. Only 6-8 places will be available for each retreat. The village is easily accessible from Perpignan and Carcassonne airports, the TGV train from Paris to Perpignan takes five hours, and it is three hours drive from Barcelona. Contact me to get more information.

Writing and gathering

Our focus will be on writing, but also on gathering. Gathering our thoughts, our energies, our senses and our very selves. There will be hubbub. There will be tranquility. Questioning. Flowing. There will lots of time to write quietly in the beautiful nooks and crannies of the chateau, the garden, or somewhere up the mountain. There will be voluntary sharing but no critiquing. There will be yoga. Perhaps there will be dancing. There will be no drama. Oh, and there will be ample local wine and fabulous seasonal food prepared by a professional chef.

Why, I'd love to! How much will it cost?

The all-inclusive cost for the retreat is 1200 EUROS. Initial deposit of 30% required, and after the deposit is paid, a two instalment payment plan is available.

What’s included?

Three nights accommodation, glorious bountiful food and drink, transfers from local arrival points, non compulsory facilitated group work ... and time and space to write. As there are two "twin share" rooms if you choose to share with a female friend you will both receive a 20% discount. This is a first come, first served arrangement as the rooms may be booked by single retreaters.

2019 dates

Friday 28 June - Monday 1 July 2019

Friday 4 October - Monday 7 October 2019

Find out more

For more details about the structure of the retreat, deposits, cancellations or any other questions please reach out via the contact page. I will provide an information sheet on request, and can also arrange a video chat to answer any questions before you commit.

Every time I read Deb’s writing, I am blown back by her vast knowledge, her deep care, and her fierce heart. Her pioneering work in the violence against women sector coupled with her creative spirit informs the potency that her words hold. The potency that she holds. And I, for one, cannot wait to join her for a writing retreat.
— Tanya Geisler, Leadership Coach, Writer, Speaker

Your home for the writing retreat… a feast for the senses!


Coming your way in January 2019… 20 little Volcano Sessions!

I gave up life coaching a few years ago to focus on my work in the violence against women field and to devote more time to writing. Lately though, I’m feeling called to offer very short coaching sessions to a select number of women in the month of January. It’s a great month to devote yourself to yourself. Chances are you’ll have made resolutions and promises already, promises you know you’re unlikely to keep beyond February. You feel something bubbling, something moving that wants to flow outwards but you just don’t know…whether you can (you can), whether you should (you should), whether you’re allowed to (you are), whether you’re qualified to (you are enough), whether you’re ready (you’ll never be ready enough), whether, whether, whether… Sound yourself out with me. You’ll make new mountains. Or small hills. Or just a new path for the lava to flow. And you need to know this - I am excellent at supporting women who have experienced family and domestic violence, and coaching can be useful if you are safe and supported elsewhere.

Connect with me to arrange your session. I’d so love to hear from you.

20 women only. 30 minute sessions. 60 Euros per session.