What people say about me (to my face)

Deb, this is a GIFT to my SOUL right now. You have nary an idea how much of a gift this is to me today. THANK YOU. I’m going to print this out and read it for my nightly reading. <3 <3
— Lena West, Business Growth Mentor to unapologetic women entrepreneurs.
In relation to work in the violence against women arena there are many people who dream of changing the world. Deb Nicholson stands out as a woman who already has.
— Joanne Clark, Destiny Pursuit Coaching & Training
There are two keys to Deb’s success. Her ability with people is tremendous and her knowledge about violence against women is vast. She has an open character with a foundation of assertiveness that people find easy to warm to and work with.
— Anthony Wills Former CEO, Standing Together Against Domestic Violence, London
Deb Nicholson is deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of domestic and family violence. She has a wealth of experience in the Community Sector as well as senior positions in government. She has extensive local and international experience to draw from. Her management and organizational experience in the area is unsurpassed and a great resource for managers, workers and policy makers in the domestic and family violence area.
— Cathy Humphreys, Professor of Social Work Department of Social Work, University of Melbourne

Meet some of my teachers

  • I acknowledge my feminist foremothers on whose shoulders I stand and at whose feet I bow deeply. Without whom I would not be here, knowing in my bones I can do whatever the fuck I want to do.

  • I fiercely appreciate all the young feminists and firebrands, and the way they do things their way. I am in awe and deeply honour the passionate, smart and articulate young warriors working in the violence against women sector and continuing the work.

  • I acknowledge my teaching lineage. In particular my great grandmother Sarah Hall Doublet who, in 1912, refused to accept she couldn’t return to work as a teacher after her marriage and the birth of her children. So she did return to work. I acknowledge my grandmother who showed me that cooking was a joy (she would have put pictures of her apple pies and jam tarts on Instagram for sure).

  • I acknowledge my sisters of blood and my sisters of choice. I acknowledge my mother and the lessons - learned the hard way - in justice, liberation and how to be fierce.

  • I stand in awe of my children and grandchildren for teaching me everything there is to know about unconditional love.

  • I am utterly awestruck that I have been in a loving partnership for 31 years with someone who I never stop learning from. Even things I did not need to know.

  • I acknowledge the ancestors long gone, some of whom are coming back to life in stories I write. They sit on my shoulder and whisper their lives to me so that I may learn more about how to be.

  • And…I am profoundly grateful for help with untangling the Imposter Complex and learning to step up, sacred and safe space to release body and mind from the past,  guidance on the path to playing bigger and spine-tingling insights into how to step into my writing and teaching

Deb’s combination of heart, of deep intuitive knowing and seeing, and her commitment to the work she does
with and for women is a powerful mix. I’ve watched her over many years become more and more of who she is, fully authentic, as she weaves in her love of beauty, of all sorts of nourishment, of creation, of advocating for other women, and her own past traumas into the beautiful blend she shares in the world. She’s done the inner work of exploring her own depths, developed clear sight, and knows how to use it all to help the women lucky enough to work with her.
— Lisa Claudia Briggs, MSW. Intuitive Coach, Writer, Consultant. IntuitiveBody.com