Consulting in Domestic Violence & Abuse


This page does not provide information about domestic violence and abuse. If you need immediate help please contact the police or your local domestic violence helpline. If you need to exit this page quickly and safely, click here and you will be redirected.


I’m qualified in welfare studies (counselling & community development), social science (community development), training and coaching. I have almost 30 years of experience working in the violence against women (VAW) sector in Australia and the UK, including as a frontline worker, domestic violence (DV) advocate, sexual assault counsellor, project manager, facilitator, trainer, program manager and volunteer governor.

I am a feminist, and this informs my passion and drive to achieve gender equality and end violence against women.

It’s that simple, and that difficult…


  • Designed and coordinated a Rural Women’s Legal Outreach Program in regional Australia, providing legal information clinics, designing and delivering legal literacy and rights training

  • Developed and coordinated the domestic abuse advocacy program attached to the pilot domestic abuse court in Glasgow, Scotland

  • Manager of the Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership

  • Partnership Manager at leading domestic violence charity, Standing Together Against Domestic Violence

  • Manager of the Family Violence Programs and Initiatives Unit of the Magistrate’s Court of Victoria, Australia

  • Consultancy roles to research, evaluate and train in numerous domestic violence initiatives

  • Consultant trainer for Women with Disabilities Victoria’s program to train trainers and help establish co-training model for women with disabilities to train the disability sector in domestic violence and gender equality

  • Developed and delivered a two-day training course for sexual assault workers to become trainers in the community about sexual assault prevention and response

  • Consultant trainer for the Government of Tasmania’s White Ribbon Accreditation Program. Trained more than 1000 managers, senior managers and school principals how to recognise signs of and respond to disclosures of domestic violence. (also delivered this training to a government department and NGOs in Victoria.

  • Contributed to the redevelopment of Victoria’s Family Violence Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF)

  • Consultant Subject Matter Expert for KPMG (ongoing) and EY (previous)

Current work

At the moment, I commute regularly to London where I manage the Pathfinder Program for STADV. Pathfinder aims to improve responses to domestic violence and abuse across three strands of the NHS - hospitals, GP surgeries and mental health services.

I am also at the contract negotiation stage of some important and exciting consulting and training development work that will keep me busy into 2020.


I always want to hear how I can be of service. If I can’t help you, chances are I know someone who can.

Please connect with me by email with any questions or schedule an obligation-free 30 minute Skype chat to discuss your requirements.

Thank you again for a brilliant lecture / training on domestic violence that our students talked about long after, and wrote about on both final exams!
— Beth E Molnar, Associate Professor & Director, PhD Program in Population Health, Northeastern University, Boston, USA.