I gave up life coaching quite a few years ago to focus on my work in the violence against women field and to devote more time to writing. Lately though, I’m feeling called to offer very short sessions to a select number of women each month.

Sometimes a short, sharp and focused conversation will be enough. Sometimes you might want more from me, and we can talk about that. Sometimes I’ll be able to send you to just the right person to keep working on your changes.

And you need to know this - I am excellent at supporting women who have experienced family and domestic violence, and coaching can be useful if you are not in crisis. This is only available if you are safe and getting specific support elsewhere.

I only provide 10 sessions per month, and have two offers.

Small Volcano Sessions

You feel something bubbling, something moving that wants to flow outwards but you just don’t know whether you can (you can), whether you should (you should), whether you’re allowed to (you are), whether you’re qualified to (you are enough), whether you’re ready (you’ll never be ready enough), whether, whether, whether… Sound yourself out with me. You might just change the maps. Or make new mountains. Or just a new path for the lava to flow.

Schedule your 60 minute session. €100

Small Pieces Friday Conversations

In my writing project “Small Pieces about Hard Stuff” I write about aspects of my life in the form of snippets, morsels…or more accurately…shards. The pieces can be graphic, confronting and possibly triggering. But more than this, the pieces can generate recognition, identification, solidarity and perhaps #metoo. So I offer you the opportunity to talk to me about how the Small Piece has landed with you, and to tell me your story. I listen and I witness. I hold up a mirror to you. I cannot guarantee resolution for you, but I can promise that I will listen to and honour your story as much as I honour my own. This is not coaching, it is a conversation where you get to do most of the talking.

I’d so love to hear from you.

Schedule your 30 minute conversation. €50

No obligation to continue…but you may if it serves you.