About me

Deeper focus. Greater truth.



I am proud of the qualifications and experience I've earned over many years. But that's just part of my story. 

I have a wealth of skill and experience in the violence against women arena in Australia and the UK. I have led, and contributed to ground-breaking, innovative, change-making and visionary work that has made systems work better and has saved women's and children's lives.

I still work as a consultant, and if this is why you landed here please go to Linkedin where my professional bio lives, or reach out via my contact page.

After decades of honing the skills that have enabled me to lead and influence across a broad range of roles in the violence against women arena, I'm redirecting my attention and energy to focus more deeply on teaching, speaking & writing from my own truth and wisdom. That is, the truth of my life and work experience and the wisdom of my experience and maturity. I want to explore new ways of sharing stories, teaching and training towards ending violence against women.

I am currently based in the French Pyrenees with strong family and work connections to Australia and the UK. I spend my days writing my novel and other creative writing projects, planning my women's writing retreats, and maintaining consulting and training opportunities in the violence against women sector. I also spend time taking care of myself and those around me. This means attending to joyful pursuits such as cooking, reading, hiking in the mountains, swimming in waterfalls, walking my dog and enjoying a rich social and cultural life in the village I call home. 

Of course, if I had known how much I would love writing for pleasure, I might have started sooner.

Deb Nicholson’s writing is honest, clear and revealing and gives hope to healing from domestic violence. It’s as if I am looking into a window and her writing is telling me she made it out of the chaos and the craziness.
— Susan Regan, Therapist, Relationship Expert & Coach
Thank you again for a brilliant lecture / training that our students talked about long after, and wrote about on both final exams!
— Beth E Molnar, Associate Professor & Director, PhD Program in Population Health, Northeastern University, Boston, USA.